On White Privilege And Abortion

Years of forcing people of color to do basic tasks and manual labor for us has molded white communities into senseless lazy assholes without an original thought, who have become so accustomed to taking what they want they aren’t able to do anything for themselves. That is a fact. Whether you would like to accept or ignore that fact is up to you. However, the time is quickly approaching where anyone unwilling or able to own up to and fight against the institutionalized racism our country was built on will be left behind. The ability to ignore racial injustices is a privilege very few can afford. To live in denial about the atrocities taking place is to willingly stand against those harmed for things they have no control over. It’s hard to believe any God would let that slide.

Let’s talk about these new abortion bans for a minute. It’s glaringly apparent that they are being put in place to control women’s bodies, not protect human lives. Why else would you force someone to carry their rapist/father/brother/uncle/cousin’s baby full term? The wives and daughters of wealthy white politicians will be able to procure a safe abortion should they need it, so why put these laws in place? Because they are meant to strengthen the systematic oppression of people of color.

According to pewreasearch.org Blacks made up 12% of the United States population and 33% of our prison system in 2017. Hispanics made up 12% of the population and 23% of the prison system that same year.

People of color make up the majority of those receiving abortions, that’s a fact. In 2014, for every 1,000 women aged 15 to 44, 27 Black women had an abortion, 18 Hispanic women had an abortion, 16.5 Non-Hispanic women had an abortion, and 10 White women had an abortion. As of July 2014, there were 63,356,565 women living in the U.S. between the ages of 15 and 44. If these new abortion bans had been put in place before 2014, that’s approximately 2,851,065 Black and Hispanic women in jail for attempting to procure a safe abortion and 2,851,065 Black and Hispanic children left to fend for themselves in our underfunded Foster Care System. Because let’s face it, the only non-white babies that get adopted in the United States are from other countries.

White men will do anything to keep from acknowledging the racial injustices of this country, even at the expense of White women’s bodies. They have gone so far as to define women’s bodies as objects in the eyes of the law if it means the Black women who voted against Trump will be siphoned into the prison system. They do so without fear because they know someone who will perform a safe abortion for the white women close to them, the women they deem worthy, should it ever be needed. They do this to stop women of color from voting against them under the guise of being Christain and “protecting life.”

One of the main arguments I hear against abortion is, “What if the baby you’re killing would have figured out the cure for cancer?” What if the Black children lynched in the streets had the cure for cancer? What if one of the Hispanic children your keeping in Concentration Camps along the border can cure cancer? What if the stripper you objectify tried to tell you how to cure cancer the other night, but you weren’t listening because you think women who own their bodies are beneath you? What if your wife figured out the cure for cancer years ago but you’re too busy complaining about how hard constantly repressing your emotions is to listen to her? What if the Native Americans have the cure for cancer and choose not to share it because we stole their land, massacred their ancestors, make fun of their traditions, appropriate their culture, and expect them to be grateful we let them live?

White people acknowledging the effects of racism would be the equivalent of rapists acknowledging the effects of rape. The majority of discrimination that takes place in this country stems from internalized prejudices of older generations and a collective unwillingness to recognize these habits/thought patterns as mistakes or make any effort to change these destructive behaviors.

Rather than arguing about who’s fault it is or who has more black ‘friends’, we need to be apologizing for the pain and dehumanization of colored communities our ancestors played the leading role in. And then consistently make reparations for the harm and atrocities we are all causing/ignoring now.

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