On The Fear Required To Be Racist & The Strength Required To Change

White people are garbage. Especially in America. I choose to say that because I’m not blind to the atrocities taking place in this country.

The other day, I read a tweet that said the lyrics to Lizzo’s Truth Hurts should be, “White men great till they gotta be great”, and haven’t been able to think of anything since.

It almost makes you wonder, how often is a black man raised with every opportunity to be anything other than a slave? How often are black children raised with a single opportunity to be anything other than oppressed?

An important thing to realize is that white people will talk about racism like its a thing of the past when in reality, we’ve just chosen to stop labeling our water fountains. Don’t get it twisted, the sum of our actions says that you’re still expected to sit at the back of the bus, even if that expectation no longer comes with an outward declaration or direct label. It is done that way so as to be easily mistaken as equality.

These communities of rich white men have not stopped killing black men for refusing to stay quiet about the oppression they face. We have merely found different ways to misdirect other’s fear towards young men of color so killing them doesn’t just seem okay, it seems necessary. And when this generation of those who rebel are in prison or dead, it will be so much easier for white men in positions of power to manipulate the remaining wives and daughters into raising new sons who will submit.

We still think of you as slaves, and we continue to say it by allowing trained professionals, in bulletproof vests no less, to get away with using unarmed black boys as unofficial target practice under the pretense of being ‘scared for their lives’.

A common misconception about how Europeans conquered as much as they did, and Americans did all the horrendous things we did, is that we had a better military, we had better weapons, but that’s not true. We didn’t murder entire civilizations and dissimilate their cultures because we had better weapons. We did it because we chose to use them. And the only reason for a group of people to do a thing so devastating, then pretend it never happened, is fear.

Native Americans were more than willing to share what they had with us. They taught us how to survive in a foreign land, and in return, we raped their wives and murdered their fathers. We put them on reservations and pretended to be sorry for the blood spilled without a worthy cause.

A culture that pretends to know God, is a culture afraid of change. And a culture built on the terror they incite in others is a culture in desperate need of change. We are taught growing up, that there is only one truth and it is our truth. We are taught to be hostile to anyone who dares suggest we might be wrong. But what is our truth? What happens if we admit to being wrong?

We say our power lies in the domination of others, physical or emotional, but the need to dominate stems from fear. We put on this facade of being the most powerful nation when we are really the most afraid. Afraid that immigrants from Mexico are here to get revenge for the ways we stole their land a hundred years ago. Afraid of meaning it when we apologize. Afraid that being vulnerable makes us weak, that people of color are going to start treating us the way we’ve been treating them. of letting go. We are afraid to tell the truth. Afraid to feel anything other than superiority, afraid of not having a scapegoat, afraid that everyone else is just as horrible as we have chosen to paint ourselves.

The list is beyond extensive and never fails to make me physically sick.

Is the white community really so blind to not see the healing that would take place if we would just apologize for what we’ve done? If we would make a conscious effort to correct our behavior? Are we so afraid of what might go wrong, that what might go right is not worth the risk? Are we really that devoid of basic human emotions?

Are you really going to sit there and tell me how the state of this country isn’t your fault while making excuses for why you won’t do anything to change it?

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