White Men Suck: Stop Letting Them Control You

Let’s talk about love. Let’s talk about loss and let’s talk about the cultures we continue to dissimilate in order to make America “great”.

I’d like to start by mentioning the fact that America has never been great. We’ve had our moments of basic human decency, but america has never been great. This country was born from a combination of European over crowding and a white man’s anger at not having a space to practice his religious beliefs. 

White people came here for the freedom to believe whichever religion we want, but we were so traumatized by the way things were in Great Britian that we robbed ourselves the opportunity to befriend the “savages” who already lived here. Savages who had sewer systems and knew enough to bathe more than once a year. Savages who did not carry diseases or rape each others daughters. Their dying out was not a gift from God. It was not a sign that this land was meant for us to take, and the fact that we chose to do so anyway, speaks more about us than it does about them.

If I had a dime for every white man who has raised the question, “You really think racism is still real?” I would have more money than Jeff Bezos and The Federal Reserve combined. And as much as I wish it was, that statement is not hyperbole. 

First of all, if something was real in the past, it does not suddenly stop being real in the present. Abraham Lincon was a real man. He was a real president who ran a real country and enacted real changes with his real policies. Only an idiot would come up to you and ask a question like, “You really thing Abraham Lincon is still real?” because we live in a country that is still being affected by the way he lived his life and the changes he made while in office. His deadness does not take away from his realness.

Yes, I really think racism is real, you uneducated swine. I also think it is just as prevelant as it was when slavery was legal. If you ask me, I don’t think we ever really abolished slavery, I think we just changed our means of enslaving the people we deem worthy of enduring such atrocities. Instead of whips on plantations, we have barely there health insurance at million dollar corperations.

Here’s the thing about white men who feel the need to trick others into doing their dirty work before claiming to be self made; they are not self made. They are not strong or talented or brave. They are weak and pathetic and a shallow pool of despair. Their power is a mirage. They have nothing worth your envy. 

The thing about the men who built and run this country, the thing about men who confuse the comfort of fear with safety and money or power for love, is that they are just plain sad. They are vultures who feed off of all the wrong things and do not care that it is slowly killing themselves because they don’t believe their lives are worth living.

Somehow we have let these men trick us into thinking that their burdens are ours and their trauma is ours and their worries are ours. We have failed to recognize that they operate out of fear, and the only strength in that is pretend. 

Just because you are a slave to your anger and your fear and your greed does not mean I have to be as well.

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