On the absurdity of modern-day religion

I have this theory that the god you worship doesn’t exist. It began as the idea that this life could not possibly exist under the parameters it’s been explained to me, and some other truth must exist. Last summer I was in Marysville California, some odd amount of miles north of Sacramento and east of San Francisco. It was hot, as summers in that particular valley are, and I spent my time sitting on a patio and getting high while talking shit and staring out at the plum orchards behind our swimming pool. The book of that summer was Joan Didion’s The White Album which is a collection of words she’d written and previously published during the 1970s. Inside which, my favorite article was one called Holy Water. If you look through any book I own you’re sure to find an abundance of notes scribbled in the margins, this one being no different. Continue reading ““God””