A Coming Out Letter

Greetings loved one! 

I had something I wanted to talk to you about and I hope I’m giving you enough time to respond to this. It has to do with how you responded to those pictures of Presley and David playing dress up with the neighbor girls. I guess my question isn’t so much of why you feel so appalled by those images, but if you’d ever be willing to grow out of those feelings.  Continue reading “A Coming Out Letter”

The Damaging Ideology of Perfection

The first time I realized my mother wasn’t perfect, that she wasn’t worth pleasing, was in December of 2017. There was a part of me that had always known the kind of soul-selling acts it would take for me to get a simple “I’m proud of you,” but I don’t think it had ever manifested itself so clearly as it had on that murky day preluding the week of Christmas. Continue reading “The Damaging Ideology of Perfection”