I want to scream. Or cry.
But my voice ran away the day
you laid your hands on me
and where there once was a river of tears
is now an empty desert;
unforgivingly fiery by day
with a life revoking frozenness at night.

How Could You Ignore My Begging You To Stop?

  • This poem was originally published in the She Will Speak Series’ Gender Based Violence Anthology under the pseudonym Nah B.

You don’t love me.
You’re infatuated
with the idea of me.

The things you want
only exist in your head.

You don’t know me.
You remember who I was before,
but the person I used to be

is not the same
as the one I am now.

I did not wait for you.
I am not interested in
fulfilling anyones teenage fantasies

except my own. I refuse to slow down
just so you can catch up.


Be messy.
Be loud.
Be less than someone else’s version of enough.
Be someone’s idea of all that is wrong with the world.

It’s okay to make mistakes.

You are not here to please other people.
You are here to learn and grow for yourself.
You are here to discover who you are and
what you want in this life.

Don’t you dare let someone else tell you who to be.

Fight Fire With Fire